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Van Beest is member of several organizations, which promote the common interests in our industry.
Companies with similar interests come together to share ideas and solutions to industry issues. These organizations spread (technical) information via publications, internet and meetings. They also represent their members in various international standard committees. Some of them also organize trade missions, seminars, workshops, member meetings and participation in exhibitions worldwide.


AWRF - Associated Wire Rope Fabricators

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The AWRF (Associated Wire Rope Fabricators) was formed in 1975 by a group of businessmen who felt there was a need for sling fabricators and special rigging components manufacturers to join together to for a trade association. It was originally created by representatives from nine companies in the United States, but in two decades the organization grew to address the needs of over 300 member companies worldwide.

The AWRF promotes the common interests that exist in companies that manufacture, fabricate or distribute lifting, rigging and load securement devices which are made of chain, wire rope or synthetic products. The AWRF works to establish, acquire and preserve various technical information. They encourage the development of safety standards and product identification procedures. They also assist in establishing and maintaining adequate products liability insurance, as well as other insurance needs for the industry. Common problems and purposes of the industry, such as those involving production, distribution, service and safety are reviewed and advanced on a regular basis.

The professionals who are members of the AWRF are constantly striving to maintain the highest standards of quality and service. There are many advantages for a firm that joins and actively participates. Most important, the customer that buy products or services from a AWRF member can feel secure that he is purchasing from a professional firm which is striving for excellence.


IRO - Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Oil and Gas Industry

IRO logo The IRO association was founded in 1971. IRO represents the interests of 300 member companies towards the Dutch government and prospective customers, they facilitate export promotion, give subsidies for innovative technology and they have a wealth of information available. Van Beest is an IRO member company.

Members cover all activities involved in the supply industry, such as engineering, field development, pipeline installation, maintenance and material and equipment supply / manufacturing, onshore as well as offshore.

To promote the qualities of Dutch suppliers in the oil and gas industry, IRO cooperates with national and international organizations with similar interests and spreads information via publications, internet and meetings. IRO also organizes trade missions, seminars, workshops, member meetings and participation in oil and gas exhibitions worldwide.

LEEA - Lifting Equipment Engineers Association


The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) was founded in 1944 as the Chain Testers' Association of Great Britain. The name was changed to its present one in 1988 to more accurately reflect the activities of their world-wide Members.

LEEA is a leading representative body for all those involved in the lifting industry worldwide. They are a respected and authoritative representative body for their members, who work in every aspect of the industry; design, manufacture, refurbishment and repair, and also hire, maintenance and use of lifting equipment.
The Association has played a key role in this specialized field for over half a century, from training and standards setting through to health and safety, the provision of technical and legal advice, and the development of examination and licensing systems.
They represent their Members at the highest levels across a range of both public and private bodies, including various government departments, as well as nationally and internationally recognized professional and technical institutions.


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CISMA is a trade organization and member of the Fédération des Industries Mécaniques (FIM-Mechanical Industries Committee).
It consists of companies which design, produce and sell equipment to the construction industry, infrastructure, metal industry and materials handling. Suppliers of components and special parts for this equipment are also part of this organization.
Currently CISMA has 189 members – small and medium sized individual companies, but also branches of international groups – which employ approx. 30.000 people in France. These companies export 72% of their production and reach an annual turnover of 5.4 billion euros.
In this context of globalization and growing international trade, CISMA has defined 4 main goals:
- bring together professionals in this branch
- advocate the interests of its members
- support the decision-makers in the industry
- develop activities in the various sectors.
Van Beest takes an active part in this committee and signed the "Charter for lifting components" in 2012 in order to pursue its commitment to quality and safety.


SC&RA - Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association

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The Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA) was formed in 1947 as laws and regulations specifically affecting the transport of specialized loads started to change. SC&RA began as a segment of the Local Cartage National Conference (LCNC) of the American Trucking Associations (ATA) in order to accommodate the segment of the transportation industry affected by these developments.

Today the Association serves 1300 member companies in 47 nations involved in specialized transportation, machinery moving and erecting, industrial maintenance, millwrighting, crane and rigging operations, manufacturing and crane. SC&RA is dedicated to providing education, events, webinars, safety manuals, reference tools, and advocacy on behalf of the industry.

Other memberships:

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