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Green Pin® and EXCEL®, registered trade marks

A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol or combination identifying a product or service in the marketplace. This covers logos, marketing slogans, brand and trade names. In some circumstances, the trademark can cover colors or smells. Registered trademarks are trademarks granted additional legitimacy by the appropriate government agency. These registrations can be used to stop others using identical or similar marketing slogans, logos, brand and trade names.

Within the context of manufacturing and supply of wire rope and chain fittings (such as shackles, thimbles, wire rope clips, sleeves, sockets, turnbuckles, links, swivels, hooks, eye bolts and eye nuts, loadbinders, chain, plate lifting clamps and blocks) both the word and colored logo of Green Pin are registered trade marks in a large number of countries.

Within this context the name is the sole property of Van Beest. Unless authorized by Van Beest B.V., use of the Green Pin® and/or EXCEL® logo is prohibited. Therefore, Van Beest B.V. will take whatever actions it considers necessary to prevent the misuse of the logos. In case of doubt, requests for guidance can be sent via e-mail