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06-05-2019 Green Pin® Heavy Duty Topschalm
Van Beest introduceerd de Green Pin Tycan® Heavy Duty Topschalm. Door een unieke, innovatieve productiemethode te gebruiken, zijn de topschalmen volledig gesmeed uit één stuk, zonder enige vorm van lassen.

22-08-2018 Green Pin® ROV sluitingen
Werken met Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) zorgt voor unieke uitdagingen. De volledige range van Green Pin® ROV sluitingen is speciaal ontworpen voor werkzaamheden onder water, die de ROV piloten en engineers maximale controle bieden tijdens hun werkzaamheden. Green Pin® biedt drie type ROV sluiting aan voor lossen (de Green Pin® Borgpen ROV Sluiting, de Green Pin® Borgklem ROV Sluiting en de Green Pin® Veerontsluitende ROV Sluiting) en twee sluiting die zowel kunnen lossen als lading kunnen hijsen (de Green Pin® Geleide Bout ROV Sluiting D/F en de Green Pin® Conische Bout ROV Sluiting D/F).

01-06-2018 Green Pin® Web Sling Shackle SC
The Green Pin® Web Sling Shackle SC is the ideal shackle for lifting with synthetic round and flat web slings.

07-05-2018 Green Pin® Lifting Clamps
Our robust new generation of lifting clamps offer a number of features across the range. The redesigned products feature smooth operation, clearly legible markings and fast, easy cleaning and lubrication. Components are individually replaceable. All products come with a five-year warranty and fast delivery.

25-04-2018 Green Pin Tycan® Chains
Green Pin Tycan® has been created from the world's strongest man-made fibre, Dyneema®. Green Pin Tycan® is eight times lighter than steel – yet just as strong.

18-04-2018 Green Pin® Snatch Block S

The Green Pin® Snatch Block S is a light-weight snatch block type 601S with a Green Pin® Shackle attached. All sizes of the Green Pin® Snatch Block S have a smooth, uninterrupted pull due to conical roller bearings.

13-03-2018 Green Pin® Theatre Shackles
The Green Pin® Standard Bow Shackle with screw collar has been specially developed for use in theatres and other entertainment venues. Due to its black matte finish, the Theatre Shackle shows no sheen or light reflections and therefore does not distract from the performance on stage.

13-03-2018 Green Pin BigMouth® Dee Shackle
The Green Pin BigMouth® Dee Shackle is ideal for use in situations where a lifting point is out of reach for a standard shackle. The BigMouth® Dee Shackle has a wider inside width and a longer inside length enabling you to connect the shackle to non-typical lifting points.

28-04-2017 Green Pin Power Sling® Shackle
Van Beest lanceert de Green Pin Power Sling® Shackle